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FOnline: The Last Stand
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FOnline: The Last Stand

FOnline: The Last Stand--A new project from a new team of enthusiastic developers, who were inspired by other servers and mostly, original Fallout 2.
We invite you to become pioneer in the Colorado: dangerous and challenging state of post-apocalyptic America. Here, in the land of industrial power of the nation, rocky mountains and huge secrets hidden all across the state, your character opens eyes in the Vault 99, unable to remember anything from past. In this cruel post atomic wasteland you will need to do everything in order to survive.
What is different in the TLS?
-Totally new state. Leave dusty California behind and meet sunny Colorado with unseen locations, cities and areas. Find secrets and unimaginable treasures, buried among ruins of the past.
-New quests and adventures: hundreds of dialogues, made with love and honor to original atmosphere of the Wasteland.
-New combat system, made on a long years of game experience and precious balance of mechanics.
-New faction system: fight for your place in this world back-to-back with comrades of chosen faction! Rush into battle with allies, or kick asses by yourself---new world is waiting!
-New interesting PvP and PvE events! Those gonna blow your mind!
-New, additional PvP battle system! If you want to a fair team-fight, duel or just kill everyone you see---that's for you!
-New weapons, armors and resources.

Here is the Colorado. Sunny and dangerous, beautiful and cruel at the same time. It is waiting for you just behind the door of the Vault 99.

Our project is still under development and we search for more developers who are ready to create. If you want to take part in the development of the FOnline: The Last Stand - please contact us via personal messages or via Discord.

Teaser Trailer


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The game looks very interesting because of totally new setting. The trailer is really great but the speech could be a little bit louder. Nevertheless in my opinion this is one of the most significant project. I am waiting for more information about the game mechanics and more details.

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Re: FOnline: The Last Stand
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I'm hoping it's not just another reskinned TLA/2238.

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Re: FOnline: The Last Stand
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Looks promising, nice trailer!

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The Last Stand Chronicles: Vault Administrator

( P.S. : Special thanks to Piggy for helping us in voice acting ).

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Hey folks, do you make any progress?

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Hey folks, do you make any progress?

 Salutations. I know that we've been very silent recently but that doesn't mean we stoped the progress. We faced some certain difficulties but so far we managed to overcome them and do some certain progress both in engine and content side. At the moment we prepare something... that may be interisting our dear followers. So stay tuned and watch for updates.

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 We know that we've been very silent recently. And you may even thought that we are no longer making any progress... So, ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you that we are finally out of our frozen state and we keep on developing our game.

And right... we received many questions about the game. What is it's plot? What is it's surrounding? Does it have Glow?

We read each and every of your question and suggestion and soon we will try to answer most of them.

As for now, our dear Vault residents, get your eyes closer to your pip boys. Today, we gonna talk about The New Plague.

( Very special thanks to Crazy Gringo  for helping us with voice acting ).

The Last Stand Chronicles: The New Plague

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Re: FOnline: The Last Stand
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Games are meant to be created, not played...