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Old maps giveaway
« on: January 07, 2018, 02:18:42 pm »
Hello everyone.
My name is Andrew and I want to share my old maps, art and concepts. I don't ask anything for this, I'll be pleased with my name in credits if you'll ever use these maps or quests.
I don't know if it is a problem or not, but I made these maps in 2011 right after SDK release so something could change past 5 years. Anyway I hope it can be opened and used now. If you are interested - here's the link:

I also have some concept files and descriptions of locations and quests made in russian, i'll add it to the post, maybe someone can translate it for community, i'm just too lazy to do it  :)

A bit about maps (large images!):


Chicago Subway:

Other stuff:

Concept (rus):
Chicago and Detroit description (rus):
Quests (rus):

I think these are not all the locations that I have, but I have only these high-res screenshots, I think there was an airport O'Hara map and more Detroit maps and some other maps too.
Feel free to ask any questions.  :)

A bit about me:
I've been playing Fonline for a long time since 3 session of TLA and till SDK release in a large organisation. It was really fun and I liked it a lot, but after 3 years of constant farming and pvp it became too boring for me so I decided to try myself as a mapper to make our own server. Some other guys from my organisation helped me for a month or two but their enthusiasm didn't last long so I decided to stop doing this too cause I didn't have scripting skills and couldn't make everything alone. BTW after this experience I decided to make games and became a leveldesigner in a small gamedev company in Moscow. After 5 years of working I became the lead gamedesigner and now I'm working on my third game in that company.


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Re: Old maps giveaway
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Very nice maps, thanks for sharing.

Re: Old maps giveaway
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Just saw your post on fonline 2 forum. Great maps! I like the idea of using the reactor doors for train.

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Re: Old maps giveaway
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The only problem is that this train will never be able to fit through them. :>