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FOnline BattleRoyale is new FOnline Engine project, game wont be like other games on this engine, cause is not projected for big MMORPG with open space, just focusing on match form - so FOnline community wont wait for wipe cause many wipes every day :).
Gameplay will looks as follows:(details will be on discord)
-players are spawning in random place of big map, every container include random gear.
-by time, arena will become smaller by radiation around, so better find radX and radaways.
-round ends when on map left 1 player.

I BURST Dev-Team

Very clever indeed )))). I donat 500 shekels on patreon. gl&hf !

by many poeple asking in "is joke or not":
No is not joke, working on server few hours every day.
about when start? in 1-2 weeks, gonna start closed test and after fix bugs we gonna run in some OBT. Normal season will starts after I done ranking system.

updated first post TO DO list if someone wants help.

also game is in closed beta tests, To participate in CBT, you have to PM me in discord, start your msg with "cbt" for avoid any misunderstandings.


If it is PvP oriented server for many battles then don't spawn shit and useless items which won't be used in lockers.


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