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--- Quote from: Wipe on January 14, 2019, 06:18:31 am ---Changing scripting language is just another of "cool for new projects, overwhelming for running servers" changes so it won't happen.

--- End quote ---

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Slowhand: - I use this repo to publish stuff that I managed to implement.

Here is a demo of features:

Quest tracker with Pip-boy update - Done, the only thing left to do, maybe, is if a quest has a timer, to add it to pip-boy.

Message Box - updated to a level where players can filter text with Message Tabs, allowing them to show only Faction chat for example. (Faction chat has been added) There are options to show/hide timestamps, show/hide the chat tabs.
Still need to be done: Separate from action bar (weapon/AP etc), Move, Resize, Direct Messages, Global message (players need ignore list first), Chat Tab blinking notification on chat tab if new Faction chat or Direct Message happened while other chat tab active.

Global chat vs Radio 0:

There are several problems with Radio 0 being the global chat, the biggest one is that new players would feel the world to be totally empty, as they don't even know about the Radio system. The second biggest one is player identification, if you use a radio channel with your friends to communicate, you'll have to type your name before every line if you are more than 2 of you. Also a problem of Radio 0, for trolls that is a feature ofc. It simply doesn't work, just people just used personal discord/TS even for text.
For Direct Messages and even Global Chat to work, one needs to be able to keep an ignore list, just in case of spammers, which is not the case in Radio 0, where one can just turn it off.

Item Highlighter - Press W to toggle, it will show items on ground and some harvestable tree's or old computers. Mostly so community doesn't need to resort to interface hacks while cave hunting. It was also useful to show hidden bugs in maps.

Modern Mouse behaviour - Right click move, Q = mouse default, A = attack, M = move. Ctrl + F1 change back to legacy mouse.

Text font change while in game - Pip-boy, Message Box, Dialogs and even Fix-boy, support font increase/decrease with Ctrl + MWheelup/down.

Jinxed Jack interface - an old interface named JJ was reworked to replace the legacy interface. It was modified to support features above.

Fix-boy - small update on coloring, orange means that you have the mats, but need either tools or workbench. It will also show a number, which is the total you could craft with the mats you have.

Inventory Tracker - a cool feature, but fully bugged atm and can be turned off with Ctrl + I. Sometimes its useful though. Todo: fix bugs.


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