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Our pets


Do you have any pets at home? You own Dogmeat hehe or maybe some mutated rats?

I have a Richardon's Ground Squirrel pet friend.

Check out the movies:

* Moving cotton wool from old bed to a place where he decided to build a new one - little slowmotion:

* Here it tries to eat a beerfinger - please watch at least until the moment when I try to take it from the pet:

* Here very calm while eating a french fry:

* Here a closeup while eating bread:

It is a 4 years old male squirrel, a very friendly and kind animal, poops into a litter box (like a cat). Can live freely without a cage as does not do any damage in house. I am happy to answer any questions.

Mouhahahahaha nice post, dunno if that has a second meaning :D (I got it this way... my perverted mind surely  :'()
Will post mine cat when I take picture ;)


I knew I had something important to do.



--- Quote from: adumbperson on March 04, 2018, 02:16:54 am ---

I knew I had something important to do.


--- End quote ---

Dirty they removed my cat...
That nice service they offering I'm impressed :D
Gotta make a new and choose another place to post this pic!
Soon but after laziness :D

I don't think she'd last very long in the wasteland.


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