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Sorry for such a mundane complaint, but does anyone else have difficulty with the comment verification on this site? Things like Captcha have never given me trouble before... but it must take me three or four tries to post comments correctly.  ???

Hmmm, why are you forced to do captcha every time? Strange for me.

I keep myself logged in, and have no such trouble anymore.

I have to agree. These CAPTCHA images are the hardest I've ever seen on any website I've ever used. And it's making me do them even though I'm logged in and verified the account. :(

Did used to have a massive spammer problem or something? Why do we need a CAPTCHA in addition to the Drug questions? It would seem one or the other would be sufficient.

Someone likely teached their bot what the answers to the questions are, that's why the normal captcha exists as well. It was set to extreme because shit didn't stop spamming. No idea if we could(n't) try to lower it again now.


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