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FOnline 2: Reloaded
« on: September 04, 2017, 06:18:08 pm »
Fresh version of FOnline2 comming check website and discord.
first part of changelog:
- Worldmap travel speed is greatly increased
- Global tech """progression""" removed
- Energy Weapons boosted beyond recognition
- Navarro is a dungeon
- Shopkeeper cost is now 5k
- Looting dead people allowed in protected towns
- Follower and Necropolis warnings removed
- Disabled KO at the start of this fine adventure
- Player default models default back to bluesuits
- Only 1 dynamite needed instead of 5 for NCR shed busting
- Remastered Golgotha
- Remastered craft bonuses for much higher chance of quality items
- Blueprints as well as recipes are not required to craft anymore
- Faction creation now costs 10k instead of 500k
- Various price reductions ranging from implants to housing
- Rocketball was purged from the Latvian scourge
- Viper has been spotted in NCR
- Tina has been run over by Terry the Ghoul
- Added a constant on-screen reminder that the server has been Reloaded and refined
- All dungeons loot buffed
- All events loot buffed
- TC iLvl requirements removed
- SPECIAL requirements removed for most of the useful perks
- More critical, toughness, lifegiver, and bonus hth attacks now have 3 ranks instead of 2
- Slayer perk has been introduced for melee characters
- Expirience rate has been trippled
- Caravan/quest rewards buffed
- The descriptions and names of Karma levels has been refined and are much better now
- Polish and Russian language has been disabled - who the duck needs those nowdays ?!
- A new location with locker and hostile NPCs has been introduced north-west from New Reno

It's like FO2
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Re: FOnline 2: Reloaded
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Future of FOnline,
The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.
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Re: FOnline 2: Reloaded
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I'm waiting for FOnline 2: Reloaded 2 :)
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Re: FOnline 2: Reloaded
« Reply #3 on: September 07, 2017, 03:10:46 pm »
poeple asking me 2 question about this server so i gonna anwer:
is it your server kumpleSor?
no, it's not my server, i just help them to get some players.
is it joke or real?
Is real, start tommorow so invite your friends and enemies. More players = more fun.

Re: FOnline 2: Reloaded
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I'm waiting for FOnline 2: Reloaded 2 :)
FOnline 2: Reloaded Requiem Mk 3 will be the best online game ever!

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Re: FOnline 2: Reloaded
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Hello all,

we've been noticed that this project is based on stolen FOnline 2 code. Due to this, we decided to remove the links from the initial post and lock this thread.
If anyone wants to object this, please write us a private message.