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Recreating Fallout animations in Blender

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--- Quote from: Wipe on September 07, 2016, 10:17:27 pm ---.fofrm for character animations? You sure about that?

--- End quote ---
Why not?

At least for animation type !=0 crittertypes.cfg

--- Code: ---string@ critter_animation( int animType, uint crType, uint anim1, uint anim2, uint& pass, uint& flags, int& ox, int& oy )
    return "path/file.fofrm";

--- End code ---
will change critter to fofrm.

Ah, that damn function... totally forgot about it :P


--- Quote from: Slowhand on September 07, 2016, 08:23:12 pm ---Okay, I will check that, but as I see it, the problem no longer persists, as when the image is very small, to fit fallout size and no AA is used, it gets pixelated by itself. The new problem I had was with the fallout palette, which I tried to set up blender to show in fallout palette colors the render image, but I couldn't. I reached some workaround, but it's not that good, also, I think I will abandon this part.

As for the FOnline engine concerns, the creators shall enhance the engine to support non .frm animations for character animations. As far as I know, it doesn't, the fofrm format exists, but not used at characters.

About the Fallout engine, the point of this was to create more assets for FOnline but I won't do the color palette/dithering in Blender. Probably do that in an external program..

So with this detour of achieving nothing, I'm back on track with animations :)

P.S.: Yes, the character model, texture is from Van Burden, I couldn't extract the animations.

--- End quote ---
Setting up render in Fallout palette in Blender is impossible, something can be done by Compositing, but it takes more time and effort than writing simple action in Gimp. Do not apply dithering to small graphics like critters.
Fast and simple way to render Fallout critters in Cycles:
Rigged and animated character (I used model from blendswap, with simple steel material)
Blue plane as background and shadowcather
Lamp: sun, size 0, bounces 0,
World: dark gray, no ambient occlusion
Render: resolution of final frame (mine was 42, 72 pix)
animation saved as PNG (you can use BMP's or any image format you like)
Light Patchs: Bounces= 0
Film: Gausian, width=0.01
Render, convert palette without dithering in Gimp, done.

Lamp angle is incorrect and everything is only a quick test.
This dude is big, if you are rendering smaller characters with thin arms and legs you need to hand-paint some pixels, because there's almost no chance that everything it's going to render properly.
PNG without background in Blender Render, it's even less complicated than Cycles version:

Plane with "shadows only" option and transparent background- Shading:Alpha=transparent. No Aniti aliasing. I have shadow-casting sun lamp and hemi lamp for some softer lighting, sky is switched off.


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