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Recreating Fallout animations in Blender

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Correct camera angle so far is:

--- Code: ---X: 64.46
Y:    0
Z: -29.856

--- End code ---

Note: On the images the rotation of the armature is shown, which is the parent of the camera, and the X rotation is shifted with 90 degrees, so 90 - 25.54 = 64.46 is the right camera angle.

Here are the blend and image files if anyone interested in trying to get even better precision:


I started recreating Fallout animations in Blender. So far:

Camera angle on a locker:

--- Code: ---X: -27 (+90)
Y:  0
Z: -30

--- End code ---

(Sun) Light angle on locker:

--- Code: ---X:   7.5
Y:   0.4
Z: -54.7

--- End code ---

On aybed2.frm the correct X seems to be -26.25. (+90)

Somehow I felt the 30, 0, 30 wasn't quite exact, so I did some research, still have to over check with other objects that have orthogonal edges.

As I experienced the X: -27 is more correct than the -30 advised on the wiki.

I set up the camera, the center of the (wire frame) locker object and the image of the locker on a bone that is locked on the center of the locker object (which is also the center of the coordinate system) and when it is rotated the camera will always project on the center of the locker object.

Ligth angle on locker, best I could find was:

1. Do not try to set up camera using small graphics like this locker, use tile grid.
2. There's p. good camera and simple lamp setup somewhere on this forum.
3. Shadows' angles aren't consistent trough the Fallout's scenery objects, if you want to animate critters use critter to find an angle. Shadows of small objects like this locker are hand drawn, not rendered.
4. Usually you need multiple lamps for the correct lighting (like top and front lamp). You can skip the shadow lamp when you are making small objects.

I tried again with walls, so far the best accuracy I got:

--- Code: ---X: -25.54
Y:    0
Z: -29.856

--- End code ---

Notes: It's not perfect, but at the level of detail one gets at animations or frames, no difference will be visible at angles at all.

I spend some time wondering how on Earth your camera isn't upside down with this x value, now I see you haven't seet up camera angle, but attached camera with x=90 to the armature and then rotated everything. Your camera's X isn't -25.54, it's about 64 degrees, which is in the range of correct angles. Also this was done before, there's no need to waste time on it. One I'm using is 64.5, 0, -29.765.

Yes, indeed, the angle is the armature rotation, the correct X angle for camera is: 64.46, totally forgot about that, thx.


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