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How to write some AS modules
« on: June 30, 2016, 02:50:09 pm »
Write your constants into some module_name_h.fos
Code: [Select]
#define ONE_THING (0)
#define TWO_THING (1)
#define THREE_THING (2)

// also write your IMPORT here
import void superFuncDoingSuperStuff() from "module_name.fos";

write your module abstraction into some module_name.fos
Code: [Select]
#include "module_name_h.fos" // to have our previous declaration available

string@[] meh = {

void superFuncDoingSuperStuff()
    Log("Sorry for my lazyness.\n" + meh[THREE_THING] );

Now to use your module just add this to scripts.cfg
Code: [Select]
@ server module module_name
and to use it through your scripts
into client_main.fos as example
Code: [Select]
#define _MODULE_NAME
#include "module_name_h.fos" // so the IMPORTS works here

// through some client_main.fos's function
#ifdef _MODULE_NAME // checks the availability
superFuncDoingSuperStuff(); // use if available

You can also use __CLIENT/__SERVER constants
Code: [Select]
#ifdef __SERVER
// server side

#ifdef __CLIENT
// client side

That's all.
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