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FOnline: Ashes of Phoenix - Server Wipe Today


It is thee wipe-tyme upon us once more. This time, the server apocalypse is carving for NoNameYetTeam's FOnline - Ashes of Phoenix. Many changes were done over the past one and a half year, so if you feel the mood, download the latest client and dive into the trouble. You might as well meet one or two of them old Rotators. Or maybe not. It's classified.

If you are not yet in the mood, you might want to get ready with watching some of the gems posted over here in our forum.

Also, here is a trailer to fill up this news post:

Followed by the obligatory link list:

AoP Forum - news thread
Client Download - Mega - Google Drive - DropBox
Session 1 summary - Changelog and Additions


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