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« Reply #15 on: April 01, 2017, 12:00:14 am »
Server wipe data is cleared.
Time to begin second season of FOnline3!
Summary changelog of first season can be find here:
All changes are on main site

Good luck, and see you ingame.
The Zipgun Dev Team.

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Kek but first season was better. Maybe next year.

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« Reply #17 on: April 01, 2019, 06:10:56 pm »
today wanted annouce my new(?) protect, today because its 3 years from my fake announce of server, but this time it gonna be real. it will not be new fonline with revolution changes... it will reblanced FOnline: Aftertimes, with idea: "LESS GRIDING". Of course i have some new ideas but i dont know how many of them i will able implement. i want release a game in antumn 2019. and i will say again its not joke. you can checking my discord channel for updates, maybe some tests  :)

also i forgot about most important, main thing of server will be NPCs wars, where players will depends which side will won, political events, battles all between Vault City, NCR, Brotherhood of Steel and Enclave.

that's all, here you have discord:

edited first post also

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Over 3 months of developing, time to summary what i already did, what I'm planning next. It wont be changelog note with many details. So first what i did was balance of armors, deleted 3,5 tier, and moved them to T3 to make them weaker but equal to Combat Armor mk2(but with different stats) so in results we have 14 different armors to play daily, just want make player to think with armor will be best against enemy who using majority type of damage. Next thing was implants, added limits to implants and added few new one. Added 8 powerful perks, it can be taken at 100th level, so it totally will make build building something fresh, in future planning adding more Class perks. Reworked drugs and added new ones, not only drugs but drug system, now you have limited amount of drugs what you can take in one moment - why? because it make build building more different, also it was boring that every character was taking same drugs! I made crafting again great, simple crafting for T1,T2,T3 and extremely hard to T4, Tier 4 can be only crafted and it wont be easy, i made that decision because most of players does not like T4 at all, but i didn't want make hardcores players sad to remove all possibility to get them so i made crafting for t4 really crazy. I did some other small balances also and changes but for them wait for full changelog.

So what i will do now? on my TODO list have 7 things where 3 of them are very easy to do. So i want focus now on improve PvE and... wiki. Aftertimes left big whole in wiki so also i need add futures from aftertimes to wiki.

When wipe? autumn like i said before i will keep it for sure in summer i want run Closed beta tests.

thats it, have questions? type it here on discord