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today wanted annouce my new(?) protect, today because its 3 years from my fake announce of server, but this time it gonna be real. it will not be new fonline with revolution changes... it will reblanced FOnline: Aftertimes, with idea: "LESS GRIDING". Of course i have some new ideas but i dont know how many of them i will able implement. i want release a game in antumn 2019. and i will say again its not joke. you can checking my discord channel for updates, maybe some tests  :)

also i forgot about most important, main thing of server will be NPCs wars, where players will depends which side will won, political events, battles all between Vault City, NCR, Brotherhood of Steel and Enclave.

that's all, here you have discord:

Joke from 2016 what is something can be in of New FOnline 3
FONLINE 3Hello, it will be write again later becouse KompreSor can't write in english, and other developers are so busy.first thanks to Rotators, FOnline: Reloaded team and FOnline: Desert Europe team for share you work.
Is a FOnline 3, a free-to-play post-nuclear MMORPG developed by The Zipgun Dev Team, our game based on mostly FOnline: Reloaded, so our changelog is after this update. Our project focus on developing a game content, we wont focus on only on PvP players, becouse they are not a the majority of base players.
02/04/2016 - release a 6 gameplay video, every gameplay made by each other developer.
03/04/2016 - release a offical website and forum.
04/04/2016 - release a offical wiki and full information(read crafting on this wiki).
05/04/2016 - release a offical trailer(hope becouse made by third parties, they late with it.)
06/04/2016 - release a offical character planner.
07/04/2016 - livestream Q&A with 4 Developers.
08/04/2016 - release a game client.
09/04/2016 - information about e-sport in FOnline.
10/04/2016 - offical start of FOnline 3 season 1.
-server updated to rev.598.
-client will not crash when minimize a window from full screen.
-changed a registration system, create a accout, this accout will combined with forum accout, it request a adress email, every your character will be on one account, affter log in you can choose with one character, on your's select character screen will be:
*Super perk, level, SPECIAL of character.
*last place where you left character.
*bottom to create new character.
*bottom to delete or reroll character.
*bottom to log off.
*list of all your's characters.
*game and account options.
-add ingame config, it have all mechanisms of FOConfig.exe and FO2238Config.exe.
-add a game launcher, with updater, lasted news.
-add an access to change hotkeys to set basic actions, every action.
-add a hotkeys to control Followers.
-server will be updated every 2 weeks.
-add a option to reset password if you forgot it.
-screenshots and gamelogs will save in other folders, you can choose path.
-add new tool: ArmorColorizing, work like NameColorizing, but coloring a armors(combat armors,pants of metal armors, leather armors, and vault suit.) NOTE: every change in your ArmorColorizing save on your folder a new critter data file.
-Pipboy changed.
-add minimap to interface, you can choose chat or minimap.
-add a ingame character planner.

-PipBoy have a 5 categories: News, Forum, Faction, Ranking and Personal.
News: there is always a lasted patch note, information about week history quest, information about other event or tournament and 3 lasted news from website. Top bar have information about daily/week bosses and town control and lasted GM message.
Forum: Access to forum and chat(you can read froum without log off from game!).
Faction: there is a everything about your faction, leader can from pipboy change ranks or something, every faction have a pipboy forum, and place to announcement something.
Ranking: we can talk a lot about this category, becouse we made a top10 in almost every game a aspect, their sum make a top100 best players.
Personal: show a status, cooldowns, quests, is like old version of pipboy.
-bases assigned to Faction changed to Account.
-remove all bases from Reloaded version.
-add possibility to buy a random base in random place on the world map.
-add possibility to buy a lands where you can build your's town/factory/military base.
development of base: creating a base, has many steps, from some tents in wild village will to transform to big town or mine, factory etc.

Earn caps on your base: when you build a casino for example, you need rent a guards, croupiers. but for mine you can use slaves, robots or workers. every building need other personel, with good skills.
Protect base: when your base will product a expensive things, bandits will attack you so proportionally more earn, need more guards, you can defence it alone, becouse you will know when they attack you, but you can rent guards, build turrents, buy robots or just make traps.
More information about bases will be on our wiki soon.
Character Development:
-level cap is 99.
-9 Normal Perks to choose.
-at 30 level choose a Super Perk.
-after 30 every 5 levels choose a Environment Perk.
-Reroll opction raises price every level, formula is level * 1000.
Super Perk: strong perk, everyone with Awarness will know what kind of Super Perk you have choosen. With pick it, unlock a Implant Slots(Special Implant Slot, Perk Implant Slot and Stat Implant Slot).
Environment Perk: mostly used for PvE and fun. More informations about Environment Perk will be on our wiki soon.
-remove all implants from Reloaded version. replace it with Special Implants, Perk Implants and Stat Implants.
-Special Implant: gain a 2 special point, can be for example: SPECIAL Implant CL(+1 Charsima,+1 Luck) or SPECIAL Implant AA(+2 Agility). Special Implants are not rare, can be crafted by parts found in Encounter footlockers for example.
-Perk Implant: imitate a normal perk works, can be scaled. For example your character have already 4 Lifegivers, then Perk Implant give a 5th Lifegiver. Rarity of Perk Implants are different, the most rarest will be Bonus Rate of Fire. How to get a Perk implant soon on our Wiki.
-Stat Implant: raises a statistic in our Character(it can be AP, DRs, DTs, HP...etc.) it is less rare than Perk Implant. All Stat Implants soon on our Wiki.

1.Strength: give 5% resist to knockdown on every point.
2.Perception: late maximum cap changed from 10 to 15.
3.Edurance: every change your's edurance change your's maximum hp, like you should have with highter or smaller amount.
-unlock Tactical Marks on every point.
-give +2% bonus to earn experience points on every charisma point.
-skills affected on Tactical fighting.
5.Agility: give 1% bonus movement speed on every point.
1.Combat Skills (Small Guns, Big Guns, Energy Weapons, Close Combat and Throwing):
-on 225% give 1% to maximum accurate.
-on 250% give a 1% chance to restore 1 ap after shot/attack.
-on 275% give a 3% chance to restore 1 ap after shot/attack.
-on 300% give a 5% chance to restore 1 ap after shot/attack.
2.Tactical Fighting (replace a Reserved skill.):
this skill allow to enter to Agresive mode and Defensive mode, add SP to this skill, affect on stats and cooldown of waiting to again use skill and timer how much time we can be in Tactical mode.
   -Agresive mode give a extra critical chance and power, but u lose every DTs.
   -Defensive mode give a extra DRs, but you can not to run.
skill affect table:

NOTE: if you are main sneaker player take some drugs to calm please.
-skill cap: 150%
-remove every minus penalties.
-hidding growing to more faster(becouse cap is lower).
-when you are under sneak you cannot attack and healing.
-after you turn off sneak you can cooldown to attack: 10 sec.
4.Barter: all Gambling effects work on barter skill.
5.Gathering: replace Gambling. affect on items in encounter footlocker and private quest loot. cap is 150%.
-allow to take 3 traits.
-reworked traits:
1.Awarness - Replace Chem Chem Resistant.
2.Bloody Mess - give 5 flat damage.
3.Bonehead - from -10 to -5 penalty on the attacker's critical hit roll.
4.Bruiser - +6 to Strength.
5.Chem Reliant - allow to take more drugs.
6.Chem Resistant - deleted from the game.
7.Fast Shot - it does not give 5 flat damage.
8.Good Natured - death timer is 50% shorter.
9.Kamikaze - Minus 15DR only when you are running.
10.One Hander - give 10 flat damage to one-handed weapons.
11.Skilled - perks available to take normally but you can't pick a environment perk.
Normal&Support Perks:
1.Adrenaline Rush:  changed:
ranks: from 1 to 3.
required level: from 3 to 9.
bonus: changed a amount of DT/DR Depending lost HP:
   lost hp   |rank 1|rank 2|rank 3
   ≥ 25%   |0/2     |0/4   |1/6
   ≥ 50%   |1/5     |2/7   |2/9
   ≥ 75%   |2/12     |3/15 |4/18
2.Awareness:  became a trait.
3.Blessed Are the Weak:  deleted from the game.
4.Bonus Move:  changed:
ranks: from 1 to 3.
bonus:    +1 APs that can only be expended for movement in TB combat and 10% additional movement speed.
5.Bonus Ranged Damage: changed:
ranks: from 2 to 4.
required level: from 9 to 6.
other requirements: SG, BG or EW ≥ 125%/150%/175%/200%
bonus: +1/2/3/4 to a weapon's damage range when using ranged weapons.
6.Dead Man Walking: changed.
other requirements: Intelligence ≥ 2, Doctor ≥ 100%.
7.Earlier Sequence: became a support perk.
8.Even More Criticals: deleted from the game.
9.Even Tougher: deleted from the game.
10.Gain Special:  new perk, replace a Gain Agility, Gain Charisma, Gain Endurance, Gain Intelligence, Gain Luck and Gain Perception:
ranks: 5.
required level: 3.
other requirements: nothing
bonus: +2 to x special, you choose 2 specials.
11.Ghost:  became a support perk.
12.Healer:  changed:
ranks: from 2 to 1.
bonus: +25/50 to hit points healed using First Aid and you never fail First Aid.
13.Heave Ho!:  changed.
ranks: from 2 to 1.
bonus: +5 to Strength when calculating how far you can throw and 5 damage when you are using a throw weapon.
14.Iron Grip: deleted from the game.
16.Iron Limbs: Reduced chance of dropping a weapon and cripple a limb.
17.Lifegiver: changed:
ranks: from 3 to 4.
other requirements: Endurance ≥ 4/5/6/7.
bonus: +30 to hit points.
18.Living Anatomy: changed:
other requirements: First Aid ≥ 100%.
19.Medic: changed:
required level: from 15 to 9.
other requirements: First Aid ≥ 100%.
20.More Critical: changed.
ranks: from 1 to 4.
21.More Ranged Damage: deleted from the game.
22.Pyromaniac: changed.
other requirements: SG BG EW ≥ 100%/150%.
bonus: +10/30 to damage when using fire-based weaponry.
23.Quick Recovery: changed:
bonus:    Recovering from knockdowns does not costs AP and Recovering from knockout costs significantly fewer APs than it normally would.
24.Silent Death: deleted from the game.
25.Silent Running: became a support perk.
26.Stonewall: changed:
ranks: from 1 to 3.
bonus: give a 40% resist to knock-downs.
27.Toughness: changed:
ranks: from 1 to 4.
bonus: in time picking this perk, choose a type of damage resistances.
28.Tree Trunk Thighs: deleted from the game.
29.Weapon Handling: became a support perk and changed:
other requirements: SG, BG or EW = 300%.

changelog will be here

Super Perks:
1.Aries: Get bonus hp for every maximum point of carry weight and increases one's damage thresholds and damage resistances depending on what percentage of his/her total carry weight taken:
   201%-5DT,25DR (you can't move with it).
2.Aquarius: Tacical Fighting stats, timer are doubled and cooldown is 2x shorter.
   -in Agresive you dont lose DTs
   -in Defensive you can run.
3.Cancer: Your's attacks ignore half of target's resistances(DR,DT,crit resistances)
4.Capricorn: Double your's bonus movement speed, and increases one's damage thresholds by 50DT, when openent attack you on one hex.
5.Cyborg: -unlock 8 Perk implant slot.
-unlock 4 special slot implants.
-unlock 1 stat slot implant.
-modifies some multiple implants.
-give you a awarness.
-allow you to craft EMP shield stat implant and EMP resist stat implant.
-gain 5 to all DT.
-change your EMP resist from 500 to 0.
-delete your's all perks and trains
-does not allow to take support perks.
6.Cyclop: -if you are shotting in eyes, you always shot eyes, and ignore half of normal DR oponent helmet.
-immute for every attack to your head or eyes.
7.Dogcatcher: every 30 seconds you summoner dog special follower( maximum 6 dogs), dogs always moving when you are moving, they stay always around you.
for every dog, you got 15% accurate, and one random special.
8.Face Checker: -you are immortal when you enter to location for 3 seconds or one turn.
-when you open/close container/door you got temporarily 25% to all DRs (work 1 second).
9.Fireboy: -does not matter what weapon you are use, you always do a fire damage.
-pyromaniak work on all weapons and HtH.
-every your's explosion left a fire hex, it deal 30 dmg per 2 sec when someone staying on it.
10.Gemini: Clone your's self, make a Follower with your's stats:
clone can use every weapon and armor, and have your's nickname overhead.
11.Hulk: double your's hp.
12.Hunter: - change from 95% maximum chance to cought by random encounter to 100%.
- see traces of legs after someone move, traces will on ground for 3 sec.
- gain 10 healing rate, if you are close trees.
- ability to remove poison effect with fa skill.
13.Leader: -doubled your's Party points.
- + 6 to FOV.
- doubled amount of Tactical Marks.
14.Leo: immune for every attack which didnt aim you(rockets/granate splash, bursts on others, misses).
15.libra: All stats up:
   -1 to all special.
   -1 ap.
   -1 to all DR/DT.
   -1 hp, ac.
   -1 FOV.
   -1 to all skills.
   -1 to crit chance/power/resitance.
   -1 point of damage with ranged weapons/melee.
   -1 to movement speed.
   -1 to sequence.
   -1 to healing rate.
   -1 to carry weight.
16.looter: your's carry weight doubled, and you have chance to drop statted items when you kill npc on encounters, chances same like in crafting.
17.Mad Sciencist: - your science skill cap is 300%, and you got 300% science (NOTE: mats from science!).
- you can science under fight.
- you have 40% to teleport to other place in this location, when you got a hit(NOTE: dont work in some location, it will be changes soon.).
18.Melhior: - every npc deal half damage on you.
- when you got hit by player, you will have 30% chance to summoner Melhior's pet(fire geckon, deathclaw, floater, centaur)(max 10).
19.Observer: allow to enter new combat mode, loading during 5 sec, after this:
   -you can not move, untill you not turn off mode.
   -your FOV change from current to infinity.
   -range of your's weapon doubled.
   -you are lost every of DR/DT.
   -gain 100% to crit chance.
20.Priest: Every heals are doubled(fa, stimpacks, healing rate).
21.Pistolero: allow use 2 one-handed weapons with new mods:
   - single shot/single burst, second will cost 3 ap (this effect wont work after 5 sec/one turn without shot) NOTE: can be shot for 0 ap.
   - double burst, cost 3 ap more, deal damage in one moment.
   - double melee hit (knifes, clubs)
   - paralysis, cost 2 ap more, stun for 5 seconds or one turn, request 2 castle pround.
NOTE: graphics for knife+pistol, knife+smg, club+pistol and club+smg are not available yet.
22.Random guy: every 10 second or one turn your's stats changes:
-minus 5% current crit chance (min1%) to 50 crit chance,
-minus 10 current all DR to 90 all DR,
-minus 5 current maximum AP to 15 AP,
-minus 20 current FOV (min 30)to 56 FOV,
-current AC to 140 AC.
-constantly maximum HP to -50% HP,
-chance to critical miss to 4x chance to critical miss.
23.Sagittarius: some stats up:
   -5 FOV.
   -5 to crit chance/power.
   -Aimed shots in eyes/groin cost one ap less.
   -40 point of damage with ranged weapons if target away from you: 45 hexxes.
24.Scorpio: Each action costs 1 AP less to perform.
25.Specialist: rework you special rules:
      -changed resist to knockdown on every point from 5% to 10%.
      -changed maximum carry weight on every point from 25 to 50(small frame from 15 to 30).
      -changed maximum hit points on every point from 1 to 5 and allow changed it with support drugs.
      -changed melee damage on every point from 1 to 2, and count it from 4 Strength(before from 7).
      -changed FOV on every point from 3 to 4.
      -changed Sequence on every point from 2 to 4.
      -gain 10 hp for every point of edurance.
      -changed healing rate on every point from 2 to 10.
      -gain 2 special point to random special stat for each charisma point, it can't be charisma.
      -changed Special points per level on every point from 2 to 5.
      -gain 1 ap each 3 agility points.
      -changed armor class on every point from 3 to 5.
      -changed critical hit chance on every point from 1% to 2%.
26.Taurus: You are immortal if you are under KO, dont work on negative hp.
27.Traiter: opctional pick one more trait, and change work all of them:
   Awarness - show condition of weapon, helmet and armor.
   Bloody Mess - restore 5 ap if you kill player.
   Bonehead - give back Intelligence.
   Bruiser - give back 2 AP.
   Chem Reliant - change drug duration to 180 mins
   Fast Metabolism - again doubled healing rate, drugs duration is normal.
   Fast Shot - u can do aim shots, but they cost normal amount of ap.
   Finesse - your total crit chance is doubled, but second +30% to your targets' DR (60% total).
   Good Natured - you can have slaves, but only by buy.
   Heavy Handed - -1 Strength roll to determine.
   Jinxed - it dont happen to you.
   Kamikaze - give back 15% dr.
   Loner - you can have followers.
   One Hander - give 25% more damage when using single-handed weapons.
   Skilled - 20% to all skills.
   Small Frame - give back carry weight.
28.Virgo: pick normal perk, and get 250 skill points.
29.Warrior: your's Action points gain by 50%.
30.Zombie: your's negative hp cap changed to your's maximum hp cap (if u have max. 191, so your's negative will be -190), and when you are on negative hp, your's healing rate change for 1 hp peer 0.5 second.
Type of damage changed. In game remaining only 4 main types and 2 small(EMP,RAD).
main damage type:
-Energy(merged Laser&Electrical)
-Fire(merged Fire&Explode)
-Toxic(merged Plasma&Poison)
Weapons changing:
1. .223 Pistol: range changed from 30 to 35.
2. 14mm Pistol: range changed from 28 to 33.
3.Alien Blaster: Tier category changed from 4 to 3.
4. FN 69A1(granate pistol): range changed from 20 to 30.
5. FN FAL+FN FAL(Night Sight): single shot range changed from 35 to 45.
burst shot range changed from 30 to 40.
damage changed from 14-22 to 20-25.
ammo capacity changed from 20 to 100.
6. FN FAL HPFA: range&ammo capacity changed like in FN FAL.
damage changed from 15-25 to 5-35.
7. Gatling Laser: range changed from 40 to 33.
8. H&K G11: Rounds in burst mode changed from 9 to 15.
damage changed from    21-34 to 27-41.
9. H&K G11E: Rounds in burst mode changed from 9 to 5.
single shot range changed from 40 to 50.
burst shot range changed from 35 to 30.
10. Magneto-Laser Pistol: range changed from 35 to 40.
deal 5 flat damage vs all metal armors.
11. Needler Pistol:: range changed from 24 to 45.
Damage type changed from normal to ammo dependent.
allow to reload with stimpacks, SuperStimpacks and Hypos.
healing is 25% less if you have fast shot.
NOTE: read ammo change.
12. Solar Scorcher: Tier category changed from 4 to 3.
Ammo changing:
1. 7.62mm: DR mode change from -10 to -25.
2. 4.7mm Caseless: DR mode change from -15 to -50.
3. HN Needler Cartridge: damage type change to Toxic.
4. HN AP Needler Cartridge: damage type change to Normal and DR mode change from 0 to -35.
5. 14mm AP: DR mode change from -50 to -75.
6. Rocket AP: DR mode change from -25 to -40.
7. Energy Rocket:
AC mode: -15
DR mode: 0
DM mode: 1/1
Desert Europe Weapons:
1.Activity Rifle:   
   Damage: 50-60
   Range Single: 48
   Damage Type: Fire
   Ammo capacity: 5
   Ammo type: Micro Fusion Cell
   Weapon perk: Long Range
2.AK-47 rifle:
   Damage: 20-30
   Range Single: 40
   Range Burst: 35
   Burst rounds: 15
   Damage Type: Normal
   Ammo capacity: 30
   Ammo type: 5mm AP/5mm JHP.
   Weapon perk: Penetrate.
3.AntiTank Rifle:
   Damage 20-30
   Range Single: 47
   Damage Type: Normal
   Ammo capacity: 6
   Ammo type: 14mm AP
   Weapon perk: Long Range and Penetrate.
4.Dragunuv rifle:
   Damage: 10-25
   Range Single: 60
   Damage Type: Normal
   Ammo capacity: 20
   Ammo type: .223
   Weapon perk: Long Range.
5.ELECTRO Rocket Launcher:   
   Damage: 40-70
   Range Single: 42
   Damage Type: Energy
   Ammo capacity: 1
   Ammo type: Energy Rocket.
   Weapon perk: Long Range
   Damage: 22-40
   Range Single: 40
   Range Burst: 35
   Burst rounds: 3
   Damage Type: Normal
   Ammo capacity: 30
   Ammo type: .223
7.Napalm Blaster:   
   Damage short shot: 80-135
   Range short shot: 10
   Damage long shot: 60-82
   Range long shot: 35
   Damage Type: Fire
   Ammo capacity: 4
   Ammo type: Flamethrower Fuel/Flamethrower Fuel MKII
   Weapon perk: Flameboy
   Damage: 5-15
   Range Burst: 40
   Burst rounds: 40
   Damage Type: Normal
   Ammo capacity: 240
   Ammo type: .223
9.Radiation Rifle:
   Damage: 40-50
   Range Single: 50
   Damage Type: Toxic
   Ammo capacity: 3
   Ammo type: Micro Fusion Cell
   Weapon perk: Long Range and Radiation effect
10.RAD Rocket Launcher:
   Damage: 30-60
   Range Single: 38
   Damage Type: Energy
   Ammo capacity: 1
   Ammo type: Energy Rocket.
   Weapon perk: Long Range and Radiation effect
11.Scoped M16:
   Damage: 22-40
   Range Single: 47
   Range Burst: 40
   Burst rounds: 3
   Damage Type: Normal
   Ammo capacity: 30
   Ammo type: .223
   Weapon perk: long range.
12.Small Energy Gun "SEG":
   Damage: 16-32
   Range Single: 30
   Range Burst: 34
   Burst rounds: 15
   Damage Type: Energy
   Ammo capacity: 90
   Ammo type: Small Energy Cell
   Weapon perk: Destroying(armor condition destroy faster)
13.Small Radiation Gun "SRG":
   Damage: 10-20
   Range Single: 27
   Range Burst: 25
   Burst rounds: 5
   Damage Type: Toxic
   Ammo capacity: 15
   Ammo type: Small Energy Cell
   Weapon perk: Radiation effect.
   Damage: 13-32
   Range Burst: 30
   Burst rounds: 15
   Damage Type: Normal
   Ammo capacity: 150
   Ammo type: 7.62mm
Armors t3:
1.Combat Armor mk.II/Vault City Combat Armor: 50/6 60/6 35/4 50/5
2.NCR Ranger Combat Armor/Desert Combat Armor: 40/6 60/6 35/4 60/7
3.Brotherhood Armor/Firefighter Combat Armor: 40/6 60/6 55/6 50/5
4.Enclave Armor/Tech Armor: 40/6 70/6 35/4 50/5
5.Metal Armor mk.II: 35/6 80/10 10/4 25/5
6.Tesla Armor: 25/3 80/10 10/3 75/10
7.Thermal Metal Armor: 25/3 80/10 60/4 25/5
-add a 52 simple quests(kill mobs in the location, find item in location etc, like "Gun Runners Caravan Package" quest).(more information on wiki soon.)
-add a 28 other quests(complicated story, interesting mechanics).(more information on wiki soon.)
-every week will be a History quest, open quest when players usually will fight between each other with npcs, result of this fight will change world. (for example when enclave win vs trappers in klamath, there would be soldiers intead trappers.)
town control:
-Klamath request a 4 sniper weapon to start timer.
-Den allow a all followers to fight vs players.
-Modoc classic TC.
-Gecko request a 5 people inside buildings.
-Redding double militia, they spawn 8x faster.
-Broken Hills random explosives durring TC timer.
Global changes:
-changes in maps: Modoc, Klamath, New Reno, Gecko, Glow.
-Sierria have loot in lockers and robots are agresive.(more information on wiki soon.)
-encounters group are changing dynamic, support perk Scout will refresh every change.
-turn off no pvp, no steal in hub.
-boneyard map merged in one big map(Gun Runners, Adytum, Libary, Scavengers).
-remove fvf mode from Hinkley, fix terminal in Hinkley.
-add bots to new PvP+bots mode in hinkley(they are tring be like players).
-fix a bug, never will lost AP when fail shot(target missing from FOV)
-and many other small things, all will be(hope) on wiki.

Does it include pyramides ?

Wow, nice. Who are developers? :D

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