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10. Disabled/Unused:

* achievements.fos
* achievements_h.fos

* Achievements - I do not know what they are exactly, but they are not used, but only to disable achievements.
* Header - A few definitions, macros related to achievements.
* casino.fos

* Something related to casino, but short wired to default values.
* chess.fos
* chess_h.fos

* Chess, with critters as pieces on the board?
* duel.fos

* Script for dueling, can bet on duels. I guess the player is the fighter here, but this does not seem to be used.
* event_warzone.fos
* event_boss.fos
* event_boss_h.fos

* Some kind of terminal usage function leftover. No reference to it, ofc. Also some event boss, boss skills and some headers.
* floyd.fos

* Special critter Floyd, whoever he/she/it is.
* fo2077_client_screen_gameinfo.fos

* Eh?
* generator.fos

* Old code, basis for some quest, but the scripts have been moved to other file.


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