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FOnline: Clone No. 38
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The text is mostly autotranslated. I don't speak english.

Hello FOnline community

FOnline: Clone No. 38 is a modification for Reloaded 2 SDK.
It fixes some bugs, extends functions, balances the economy and is open source.
If you have found something useful for your FOnline project and are not sure how to implement it, ask for it.
The modification is in an early stage of development, there are still bugs.

FOnline Reloaded 2nd Session Source:
Unpack Mod into the server folder and overwrite the files. The scripts will be compiled automatically at server start.

Turn-based fix:

 - Highly complex conversations between Brahmins.
 - Stock Market. (Material)
 - Global warehouse. (Caps, Super Stimpak ect..)
 - Reroll is free and also return implants and skill books.
 - Lottery with different categories. (Caps, implants, Tier 4)
 - Plant cultivation.
 - Bounty hunting. (It's not a quest. Your kill counter will be paid)
 - Leveling with caps. (Only worth it for low/medium levels)
 - Reduced grinding.
 - More comfortable dialogues. (Automatic max items delivery, buy via Say)
 - Unchanged weaponstats & perks.

 Next steps
 - Adjustments & Bugfix.
 - Code refactoring.

Mod condition
 - The texts are provionally and auto-translated.

Known bugs
 - Modoc/Klamath barley can be lootet Crtl+G.
 - Pulse Rifle on ground crash the client.
Changelog v 0.3

 Bugfix & Hints
  - Message removed that you need caps for reroll.
  - dialog@r_AddMoney override //Now the npc have infinite money to pay off quest ect.
  - _var.fos Fixed invalid comment 9947-9952. // The invalid commenet made the sourcecode a comment. Now the var editor no longer crashes.
  - ITEMPID.H override PID_YK42B_PULSE_RIFLE 397 to 233 PID_TURBO_PLASMA_RIFLE. //Pulse Rifle on ground causes client crash. Temp replaced
  - In the turnbased mode the NPCs don't get stuck anymore. +300% walkspeed. VAR9 is used for the turnbased fix.
  - Questlocker no longer stack items at server restart.
 Stock Market
  - You can access it via (own)campfire.
  - You can buy/sell "Junk", "Ellectronic Parts", "Wood", "Metal Parts", "Good Metal Parts", "Alloys", "High Quality Alloys", "Gunpowder", "Advanced Gunpowder".
  - The price is global and applies to all.
  - Every trade has an influence on the price.

 Global Warehouse
  - You can access it via (all)campfire.
  - You can store popular items. "Caps", "Super Stimpak", "5mm AP", "MFC".

  - All works via dialog campfire [Crafting]. The maximum possible value is automatically produced.
  - You can dry meat. 20% higher loss rate than Grisham[Modoc].
  - You can grow plants. Broc Flower, Xander Root, Fruit, Fibers. 1_Plant+1_Waterbag+1_BrahminDung = 3_Plant + 1_EmptyWaterbag;
  - You can mine ore. 1_PlasticExplosive = 15-45_RandomOre;
 Bounty Hunting
  - Sheriff Hayden[Hub] Pay bounty for various creatures. // He talks to you even if you have less than 4 IN.
  - 1000$ Panthshuur, 250$ Deathclaw, 125$ Floater, 125$ Centaur, 100$ Alien.
 Player driven Faction
  - Members can no longer claim leadership. You must be an officer or trusted to claim leadership.
 Character creation
  - You start with the perk: GECKO_SKINNING, RANGER, PACK_RAT.
  - You start with weapons you tagged as skill.
  - You can now bring your followers to level 24 with a single payment[100'000$][Dialog Check stats].
 - Iguana Pete[Hub] now sells various lottery tickets. These categories are avaiable [Caps 1000$][Implants 75000$][Tier 4 50000$]. //You can talk with him even if he hates you.

  - Mrs. Stapleton[Hub] Offers level education. You can reach the next level for caps. [1cap 4exp]. //Bonus-Exp Perks have influence. But it's still more expensive than buying hintbook. [1cap 4.8exp].
  - Mrs. Stapleton[Hub] Now you can ask how many books you've read.
  - Beth [Hub] Beth sells useful things via dialog [Tentcrafting-set 2000$][Oil can 35000$][Tool-set 1200$].
  - Sassy [Junktown] Buy all spears at once.
  - Trisha [Salvagers] Buy all junk at once.
  - Ghoul [Broken Hills] refines all Uranium chunks at once.
  - Zaius [Broken Hills] now sells Uranium chunks via Say command.
  - Rondo [NCR] now sells Super-Toolkit via Say command.
  - Quest reward Deliver-Gunrunner-Box increased.
 Machine-Crafting (Still ect.)
  - Stack production increased from 10 to 1000.
  - Brahmins say Moo and more.
  - Magic Locker: Spawnrate Hypo reduced by 300%.
  - City Locker: Locker are now much easier to unlock.
  - Doctor skill:  The success rate for healing a injures is increased.
  - Special encounter: Rate reduced by 500% //It was too high in test with fully levelled character.
  - Ore Vein: Quantity to be mined increased by 1600%.
Changelog v 0.2

 - uint overflow security increased.

 - Mrs. Stapleton[Hub] sells level-books via Say command. [1cap 5exp].

Changelog v 0.1

 - Frag Mine can now be crafted. [8xAdvanced Gunpowder, 1xParts of a detonator, 1xMetal Parts, Professions->Demolition Expert:2]
 - Motion Sensor can now be crafted. [5xElectronic Parts, 2xHigh Quality Alloys, 1xExtended Capacitor Battery]
 - Combat Armor Mark II can now be crafted. [5xHigh Quality Alloys, 1xMetal Parts, 1xFibers, 3xHigh Quality Fibers, Professions->Armorer:2]
 - Combat Helmet Mark II  can now be crafted. [2xHigh Quality Alloys, 1xMetal Parts, 1xHigh Quality Fibers, Professions->Armorer:2]
 - 10mm AP recipe changed. [1xMetal Parts, 3xAdvanced Gunpowder]

 - Super stimpak start quantity increased from 3 to 15.

Special Encounter
 - Encounter rate increased. (1'000%) //The remaining conditions remain the same.

 - Level requirement removed. //You can start Caravan directly after creating a character.
 - Caps reward increased. (500%) //Could be a serious source of income.

 - You don't need caps anymore ~deleteself is always a reroll now. //You still have to be in a tent/base where you have access with a character to loot the stuff. Or being above level 1
 - You get all your implants and skill books back.

 - Merchant refresh their inventory every 12-15 minutes.
 - Merchant Caps refresh restriction increased from 5'000$ to 1'000'000$.
 - Jules[New Reno] now sells Empty Hypo(10$) and Empty Jet Canister (20$) via Say command.
 - Joey[Den] now sells Jet,Buffout,Psycho(750$) and Super Stimpak(375$) via Say command.
 - McGrew[Redding] now sells Parts of a detonator(2500$) via Say command.
 - Dr. Fung[San Francisco] now sells Implants. //Was not available in the released 2nd source yet.

 - Mutie Quest -> Removed T4 exploit and cooldown time reduced from 6h to 1min.
 - Poo shovel  -> Now you get 125 exp up to level 9 afterwards 0.
 - Box lift    -> Reward increased from 250$ to 3000$.

Magic Locker
 - Respawn time increased from 10-30min to 2-3min

City Locker
 - Spawn additional High Quality Fibers in the same frequency as Parts of a detonator.
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Re: FOnline: Clone No. 38
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That's a good fix, it always happened to me when trying to TB the first tent quest, annoying slow when those rats get stuck in the building.

Link not working btw.

Re: FOnline: Clone No. 38
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Thanks for the hint the link should work now.

Re: FOnline: Clone No. 38
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This fix should be definitely applied in reloaded because there are places where combat can be really looooooong...

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Re: FOnline: Clone No. 38
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Why not put the video on youtube or something?

Re: FOnline: Clone No. 38
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I don't have an account on youtube or anywhere. Also the video is outdated. The NPCs now have enough time to make full turn.

Re: FOnline: Clone No. 38
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Modification and change log is now available.

Re: FOnline: Clone No. 38
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Great work, you should set up a repository  for your work ;)

Good luck

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Re: FOnline: Clone No. 38
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Highly complex conversations between Brahmins
Now THAT'S what i call interesting change ;D
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Re: FOnline: Clone No. 38
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Thanks for the feedback. Since the code needs to be refactorized I will create a repository.  :)

Here is the link for Turn-based fix from the preannouncement:
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Re: FOnline: Clone No. 38
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download link dead - help !