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Basic Development Tutorial for FOnline by Slowhand

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Interested in making your own FOnline adventure, co-op slaver mission or a carnage MMO-server?

Now you can, thanks to our precious user Slowhand! His Basic Development Tutorial has grown beyond basic and can provide you with the finest step-by-step instructions how to make the FOnline engine do the basic and intermediate stuff for you. We hope this topic will keep growing and will include advanced stuff at some point as well.

The topic has been stickied, and all your questions and answers can be posted here. So my dear bluesuit, whatcha waiting for?

Nice work Slowhand!  :)


Very good work, keep it going. You should also write few tutorials where you create your own simple mod:

1. Custom map after register, example with NPC which gives you simple quest (kill sth).
2. Custom worldmap - why not? With 2 or 3 locations.
3. Few quests, very simple.
4. It can work as single player mod.

something like that would be good.

I have something else in mind for next, but after that I might do some complete quests, for newbies to have more examples to start out. I also had in mind tutorials about dynamics changes, AI, and client as well, maybe a party interface or something. We will see.


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