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Let's presume I want to play some FOnline... OH GOD THE SERVERS

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So, been kinda bored lately and have been wondering about getting back into FOnline. Then I noticed all the servers. Can anyone provide me with any insight on how they actually differ? I've heard a lot of servers don't have combat running enabled and stuff, but honestly researching all of this information is kind of a pain without actually playing. So, can anyone summarize the current servers that are like the old 2238, what's they key differences, etc.?



I would like to suggest you play Reloaded because it based on good old 2238 with a lot of improvements, fixes and much more updates. The next interesting server is AoP which is totally different server, many changes to gameplay, weapons, mechanics etc.

AoP kind of grabbed my attention from the few minutes of videos I saw. What's the general premise? More RPG-ish FOnline or is PvP still the main meat? Some of the features looked pretty juicy tho!

Regarding Reloaded and stuff. The thing I'm most confused about is that there's like 3 servers with the same premise, which is "Like 2238 but better!". Reloaded, FOnline 2 seem to be based around the same thing, let alone the projects that have yet to make any progress with the same idea (and hopefully they never do for reasons). Then there's TLA MKII which, albeit never have played TLA, seems to be fairly similar in some regards as well.

Reloaded is based on orginal 223 stuff where fonline2 is different because it is modified tla you can feel it. Personally I prefer Reloaded because it... is 2238.

About AoP check their website and youtube channels or whatever they have.


Fastest way of looking up differences would be going to irc and asking questions there.
The only server I checked since 2238 was FOnline2, and that left bad taste in my mouth. Blame the wannabe mmorpg themepark angle they pursuing.
Supposedly the long ass name Ashes of Phoenix has a well developed pvp and combat mechanics, but that's just what I heard.
And Reloaded is for the people whom want to suffer through 2238 problems yet again.
There are few other less well known servers as well, but I know nothing about those.

None of servers really grab my attention as of yet.

If you are looking for RPGish experience, I don't know if you'll manage to find it on any of the servers.
All of them (servers) suffer from one problem or another, be it wannabe WoW themepark, mindless pursuit of pvp angle, simple lack of content or a bullshit systems enforced on players.

But as I said, go ask on irc channels, to each his own.


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