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Models and new SDK rev
« on: December 30, 2014, 05:32:35 am »

Have anyone tried implementing  models from this section into current revisions of SDK? Is there somebody who could share some feedback ?

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hexer? And I saw here someone makes server based on 3d models so you could ask him too (sorry don't remember nickname)

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I tried and it just dont work that's why im on older Rev. I have see somewhere these models need to be converted to another format...
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Anyone have a specular shader for new revisions?

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fonline-last-breath does is still alive?

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Well, it seems that fOnline still uses .x format for geometry and animation data, and .fo3d to determine it's settings. So you don't have to convert anything, except that entire model and texture repository need some optimization. Some badly rigged, some with geometry errors, vertexes can be welded to reduce their count and model size, textures converted into png with indexed color palette, and other little tweaks.

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Fonliner, no its not dead, i was learning c++/angelscript since months,  i can't do a lot of work without this .
Sadly i asked help to some peoples for fonline last breath; nobody is interresting to work in a fonline solo project.
So it take time alone ;)
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So, are there any news about this project? What are you going to do?

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doon, I sent you a PM about your project, I want to do code sharing and maybe help you with some gameplay stuff.

As for the topic, I am new to the FOnline scene but have some experience running servers for UO and a lot of coding knowledge. This is what I have pieced together.

  • TLA can activate the VB models fine, I haven't tried the new ones because I don't much want to use TLA as my starting point. TLA is running server 470 in the download I got. MUCH newer than rev 360.
  • 2238 doesn't work for me. Maybe my Fallout files are wrong but I just get "error" for all text in the client regardless of trying to enable 3d or not.
  • Reloaded works but 3d character creation doesn't. Reloaded and 2238 both run 506-EC, not far from the TLA version so I don't think this is a problem with the server itself.
  • The current SDK is an utter mess. Using Google Translate on the Russian forums and looking at the commit notes shows that FOnline is being reworked to move hardcoded stuff to scripts. This is wonderful, but as a result the scripts don't work right now and neither does the server. (Someone actually said the last stable version was like 460, earlier than what TLA, 2238 or Reloaded downloads seem to use.)
  • Most importantly and most recently I was comparing defines and found TLA has defines for 3d character models (the critter data) that just are not in 2238 or Reloaded. All in all I am hoping this is merely a lack of scripts and that I can simply splice over all the necessary info that was cut from the 2238 line

If anyone knows more and can expand on that or correct me if wrong that'd be great. If not I will continue to trudge through this and keep you advised since it seems like English speaking coders for FOnline are in short supply.

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So I have partial success enabling VB models in Reloaded.

Some people have trouble with the 3 functions that get enabled. The reason why is simple, that script isn't bound by default. Go to scripts/scripts.cfg and find

Code: [Select]
  client module client_gui_regwindow_ex # Needs to be disabled when PLAYERS_3D is
And put a @ in front of it to enable.

Now the client GUI sorta should work. You also need to go in and enable the models themselves in data/CritterTypes.cfg AND copy over the player models from TLA and rename the player models since they have more descriptive names now. I enabled the preload client_main.fos for all models but I don't know if that is NEEDED.

That is enough to get the VB models working for a player in Reloaded... however the character creation is fubar. If you did everything right you'll still get some missing sprite errors (trying to figure out the cause) and you won't have a nice 3d character layout. The text will be all over itself in one part and the model will be above the main screen. You can make a character but customization is not gonna happen.

However from a programming point of view this is great. Everything still seems to work on the engine level we just need to fix the broken GUI script.

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how do i set the FPS of the 3d critters' animations? changing "3d FPS" value in configurator doesn't seem to be doing any effect.
tla rev 412
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