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FOnline2 Third Open Session starts 25.10.2014

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Yes, it is this time again: A wipe is uppon us. The third session of FOnline 2 is set to start at the 25th of this October, which makes it about 3 weeks from now on. A new trailer has been released as well, which you totally should check out if you are interested, or if you are not interested but want to get more interested in it:

Official game forum
Client will be released here

Nothing new, only more pve that's all.


--- Quote from: fonliner on October 14, 2014, 01:26:36 pm ---Nothing new, only more pve that's all.

--- End quote ---


Making such statesments, while having zero knowledge about changelog which is about to be published - priceless.

So you can't stand players opinions because they are negative about your server which is poorly same as the rest? 8) It's boring.


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