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Wasteland 2[SPOLIER]

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Has any of you played Wasteland 2 yet? I just finished the game and I was wondering if there is a way to save the ranger citadel or at least continue playing after the main quest is done.

yeah I have but didin't get that far. thanks for the spoiler  >:(

Sorry about that, should've mentioned spoiler in the title... my bad..

Anyway I'm on my second replay and there are so many things that I missed... also can't wait for the modding tools to get released. I would love to add new locations, quests, items etc.

Modding the game probably won't be easy. As far as I can see, the maps probably are full of triggers and scripts on every corner.

Well... I have already kinda of modded the game.. ;D I used a hex editor to edit Army Issue Backpack stats so I can carry more.
Of course it might be a bit difficult, but if their modding tools will be anything like Bethe$da's GECK or something like that then it shouldn't be difficult... although that's just me and wishful thinking. They're probably going to release(if ever) something like a plugin for unity and go from there...

Or just decompile Assembly-CSharp.dll and you can modify the game from there. Create your own ingame cheat menu's and so on.


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