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Are you tired of people? Fed up with interactions? Bored to death with a must of having small-talks, chit-chats and conversations?
Have you ever thought of running yourself a FOnline singleplayer session, but were too lazy to establish yourself a server on your wooden, coal-propelled PC?
Do you posses some form of autism? A desperate hunger of hamstering pixels just for the sake of doing so? Ever wondered what it would be like to play with an ultimate lumberjack character?

Worry no more, just a few clicks to solve all the issues! Introducing FOnline4You(tm)!

Basically it's yet another 2238/Reloaded clone with minor changes. I've found two of them interesting:
- level perks come along each 3 levels after 24th level (pic related), although I haven't received one at level 30 for some reason

- sciencing stuff gives the enormous amount of XP (pic related), making a leveling of non-combat characters very easy

Obviously first one makes balancing PvP impossible and pointless, but since the average playercount is around 0,5, this is not a problem. Plus it allows to create and grind really powerful PvE character without abusing admin panel. Oh, HP's are gaining each level (with 10 EN by 5 HP), making Lifegiver perks questionable.

Crafting has been messed up with in a way you are unable to craft anything useful without a profession. Seriously, no flamer or laser pistol until you get the right profession. Crafting tables haven't been changed as far as I've noticed. Due to a semi-negative playercount all mines are widely open and full of rocks to dig.

Reloaded Wiki applies in most cases, it's a clone after all. NameColorizing works very random, sometimes it's OK, mostly not. No idea why, nobody to ask, zero fucks given.

If you need a company, there's a lot of options to pick from:

Roleplaying a shy nerd surrounded by hot chicks and pretending he's busy with his cellphone is also possible:

I'm having some twisted and perverted autism kind of fun frying peasants and whatnot with double Pyromaniac (not possible to get anywhere else). Thank you Denis, whichever gulag you might be nowadays at. It looks like this server is running in some sort of auto-pilot mode until someone detaches the plug. Weeheeeee!

And I'm not the worst hopeless case. Someone bothered to run a successful TC in few towns. Yes, it's marked in PipBoy stats. Bow to the autism king!

Many thanks for such a detailed and rather comprehensive comment.
We just started to deal with the server part. Some moments I still do not understand, and I just wanted to ease the suffering :)
In fact, at the moment we are busy translating into Russian.
We do not want to change the bulk of the mechanics, and if there are proposals, we are always open to dialogue.

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And After All. This is client with right characters in interface.(If U like Pure Evil)
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Hi brothers
This is for U
Join to chanel in Discord
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wipe today. In the evening, the beginning of a new session

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Short list of changes — 20.08.2018
• Soft Level Cap is 24 – perks and hp do not increase with levels gained after this time.

• Hypo adds +1 to your permanent HP. Hypos can be found in lockers at Warehouse or Ares and maybe in a caves.

• Gun Runners are now selling oil cans at a cost of 10,000 caps with this item in your hand(main) you can fix items without lost condition.

• Turbo Plasma Rifle may be bought at gun runners for 22K caps or you can have a plasma rifle upgraded for 8k caps (any stats will be lost)

• Gun Runners now accept donations for increase in rep.

• Avenger Minigun upgraded with +1 to damage and magazine expanded by 20 bullets.

• XL Rifle ap cost for burst reduced to 5 ap.

• Lockers at Warehouse and Ares now spawn statted gear with chance for implants and rare weapons.

• Lockers in reno and glow currently spawn T3 loot with chance for statted items.

• Ares now has 4 lockers spawning gear every 30 mins.

• Warehouse now has 3 lockers spawning gear every 30 mins.

• Redesigns of Warehouse, Reno Commercial and Glow Maps.

• Nuka Cola gives + 1 AP

• Jet gives +2 AP – 5% DR & -2 STR

• Survival – Your character now needs to eat and drink to survive in the wasteland.

• Hunger and thirst increase every 30mins (depends on endurance) but is also accelerated by drug use.

• Various critters now drop meat on death.

• Various non-humanoid critters now drop different items.

• Meat can be sold to Iguana Bob.

• Iguana Bob now also sells meat on a stick.

• Followers can be levelled up by giving beer, booze or nuka cola.

• Advanced workbench added to the base of the lost bunker quest.

• In Talchem LAB - north location on worldmap - you can buy reagents in the terminal.

• Players now can dig and sell minerals and ore in protected mines to foreman.

• When in the inventory, the Manager will be more than 100 units you will be able to get some experience and +1 to reputation with the NCR.

This will also allow you to take free Lunches (lunch cost 1 reputation point)

• Hermit near New Reno buy flowers (Broc Flower and Xander Root) from players. also buy flint

• On a Barter Ground players can find oldman Zerg - bring to him 100k caps and see what he can do for you.