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FOnline2 - Open Beta started

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In case anyone hasn't noticed it yet, the open beta of the FOnline2 project just started.

--- Quote ---The end of 2238 was unexpected, seeing the danger of community disappearance - we took the risk and announce our project for public. It's on to provide you fun and a place to enjoy FOnline. It's in fully playable state but at the same time a lot more must be done in order to fulfill our vision and ambition.  So our realese is in some way a forced decision, therefore we rushed with work like crazy in recent time. Some of the featuers are implified at the moment in comparism to our original concept - just to make them up and running, being playable.


This is normal game session, but in a beta state. So develop your characters, fight your way up in the wasteland chain and do whatever you always did before :)
If there wont be some kind of a total failure bugs (we aren't expecting such) earliest possible wipe will happend in like 3 months from now. You can expect a lot balance improvements then - those that couldn't be applied during the session.

--- End quote ---

The client can be found over at the FOnline2 board, as well as a place for help and suggestions to the game.

FOnline2 Forum
FOnline2 Client


But how can you start FOnline2 beta when FOnline1 didn't even leave the beta ?????


Lagging maps, I got very big drop fps when I enter Hub and few parts of Junktown. It is same as fonline tactics lags. :(

Shows some promise but the game is a major grind fest. At one point i looked up to see 2 hours had gone by and it felt more like 4. I turned it off after that. I hope with time it can be improved upon


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