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FOnline SDK (non repository, direct download link)


I have decided to create this just in case someone can't get TortoiseSVN to work or other issues. I will try and keep up with the repository updates for as long as I can.
I also added a new set of tools to aid you in the development of your project. See the EXTRA TOOLS folder.

Download Links:

You need Winrar or 7zip or something that can extract .rar archives.

Mirror 1 - MEGA(REV 535)
Mirror 2 - MediaFire(REV 535)

--- Quote ---Current revision: 535

--- End quote ---

Useful links:

FOnline TLA SDK Server TUTORIAL Part 1
FOnline TLA SDK Server TUTORIAL Part 2
Fallout 1/2 converted maps for FOnline
How to change the Worldmap - read last 2 posts
FOnline SDK Questions - lots of good information


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