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How to change CrType or Critter type animation by a dialog?!

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So yeah, im trying to change the player animation via dialog. Adding a result script.
I tried to use "debug" module but it obviously wont work.

I guess i need to add a function like r_MakeMeAGoddamnMutie to the result script but... I have no idea how to write a script sorry, i have no idea of scripting/programing etc

Any charitable soul? I need help

Paste this in dialog.fos:

--- Code: ---void r_ChangeSkin(Critter& player, Critter@ npc, int val)
    if (player.ChangeCrType(val))
        player.StatBase[ST_BASE_CRTYPE] = val;
--- End code ---

In dialog editor, result tab:

In this case skin/crtype will be changed to 21 (green super mutant)

Thank you JovankaB!  ;)

I'll go right to testing! I think is a good moment to learn something about this

I have a question, somehow related to this issue:

I want the predialogue to check if it's day- or nighttime. Luckely this was something Ghosthack did mention within his dialog editor tutorial (via the dialog@d_checkNight script-function). Unfortunatly this function isn't included within the SDK "dialog"-script.

So, if someone could post this function here or an own solution, this would be nice :).


--- Code: ---bool d_checkNight(Critter& player, Critter@ npc)
        uint fullsecond = 0;
        uint16 year=0, month=0, dayOfWeek=0, day=0, hour=0, minute=0, second=0;
        if (hour >= 8 && hour <= 20)
                return true;
                return false;
--- End code ---


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