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We hit first milestone - all weapon models are modelled, so now we are moving to the miscellaneous items, which will be visible in player's hands and on the ground. Current progress can be seen here:

Criteria for the models are still the same as before:
- it must look similar to original one
- polygon count of model should be as low as possible (with item remaining recognizable)
- textures should have 128x128 px. size

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I hope some models from "need correction" group need just technical corrections since I find many of them pretty damn impressive.

I guess Karpovs models are in ''waiting for correction'' becuase of the model huge poly count. True, they look amazing. But I don't get it, why isn't the dessert eagle accepted, some pistols have much higher poly count and have worse texture then. Maybe it is because the texture size is too big

Well, I have corrected some models. Still I don't know what should m60 look like - whatever is on the in-game picture does't resemble anything and is really ugly  :P. I'd suggest to replace the icon with the one from FoT.

Polycount more or less the same as it was, all the textures are 128x128 (it's ver low so the details are quite messed up, but it should look ok from in-game point of view):

Sweet. Im gonna send you all the stuff needed tommorow, I just came back from my vacations... So sad :<


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