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Post here all bugs found on the OpenGL version of the client. Provide the information about the platform you're running (both hardware and OS, and anything else that might be relevant) and circumstances when the bug occurs.

The client provides a way for a more verbose messaging of the gl related errors. However, enabling it has a negative impact on the performance (making the game up to ten times slower). In event of a found problem, enabling this and posting the results (if any) can provide important informations for us to use.

To enable the messages, either
1) start the client with command line arguments

--- Code: ---OpenGLDebug 1

--- End code ---
or 2) add the following line to the FOnline.cfg file

--- Code: ---OpenGLDebug = true

--- End code ---

When aiming someone in combat mode, their picture has dots all over them, but that might be me... not sure...

Uncle Mike:
This bug never occurred in Direct3D (when running Fonline.exe) so i guess it belongs here.

After forced termination of Fonline process (either Fonline.exe or FonlineGL.exe), you cant scroll on worldmap in OpenGL. If you hold RMB and try to move cursor to browse the map, mouse cursor jumps straight to the upper left corner of map area. It results in scrolling down and right.

Happens only at resolutions 1024x768 and 800x600 and in fullscreen.
In order to reproduce this you have to end fonline process (it might happen if you get fullscreen alt-tab freeze/crash, but it is not obligatory). Restart, relog, run Direct3D dont take bug away. In windowed mode you wont encounter this bug, but after you go fullscreen it will be there again. The only way i found - switch to other resolution and restart.

 * Windows XP, 1280x1024 desktop resolution, Radeon x1600 Pro, latest drivers (latest possible for this junk, however i think videocard has nothing to do with bug)

EDIT: It was fixed in the update, so I guess this post is useless.

Who Killed Bambi:
win xp sp3en, radeon mobility x300(64mb), 512 ram. opengl max setting, ddraw max settings, last dx.
kicking back to windows after starting fonline in open gl.

also before wipe fonline was working much better at that laptop.


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