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Goood Morning FOnline2238 - or, the General Introduction Topic

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Hey there everyone, they call me Adalric and I am new to FOnline 2238

First of all this is basically a hello how are you what the forum like topic, I just want to get to know some of the more regular players, where people tend to come together, and all that kind of stuff.

I have played each Fallout up to New Vegas and I just finished Honest Hearts when I came across this little game, it seemed cool so I gave it a go and here I am.

So ya, this is my introduction haha.

EDIT: Im actually using a charecter called "Wearyone" now, as my Adalric charecter was pretty much screwed over haha.

To all newcomers, use this thread if you feel like you want to say hello to the community over here. ;)

*Fattsanata was critically hit in the eyes for Max HP, was knocked down, knocked out, blinded, and had his armor bypassed.*

That means hello in FOnline.

you were critically hit in the groined knocked out , lost your tiny dick , got laughed at when at -19 hp and was left there to wait till u recover to +hp sense u are noob and dont know how to kill stuff trolololol
ooooo by the way thats how i say hello i love you. ;D
i see you quiting in maybe 3 days

I dont think im going to quit haha, I am a noob but everyone is when they just start, Ill just keep trying as im a huge fan of the fallout realm, maybe ill see some of you guys out there?


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