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Hi all

Im a huge fan of Fonline2238 and have been playing for a long long time. Whilst playing i have made alot of in game friends and also draged a few RL friends into the game. Everything about Fonline is great, except the wipes... i know they are needed from time to time in order for our game to grow, but me and 6 of my other mates wouldnt mind putting in a load of work to create a clan server useing the SDK that we can hang out on when we are not playing 2238. Before we get started on that though,wejust wanted to throw a few question out and hopefuly some one can help us out with advice.
Firstly , Does the SDK release contain buyable bases? and if not , does anyone have any idea of how hard they would be to implament?
Does the SDK contain the vehicles that are in 2238?
We are totaly new to this kind of thing and and would really welcome any advice from anyone.

To clarify a few things.

1.All cars from 2238 are there.
2.No faction,Tents,Bases available there are other ways to store stuff in locations similar to FLC.
3.No if you know some scripting it will not be hard, if not the you will be in a world of pain.
4.If you are noob at this thing don't even get it.
5.More questions go on IRC #fodev

Actually you can get a base with a GECK. you use it and get your own GECK city.

You a mean A Gecko the little lizards?


--- Quote from: SIGISMUND on March 22, 2011, 09:07:28 am ---You a mean A Gecko the little lizards?

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Didn't you play into Fallout 2?


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