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That Reaver armor is off to a good start. Of course with that hair and without the helmet the character looks like some kind of feudal knight as much as a Reaver. If you want constructive criticism it looks a little too neat. The hands seems uncovered, yellow brown chemical gloves would add some detail. Not sure if you can represent straps well at that detail, they seem implied on the leg in the last shot but only then and there. If you can represent straps and bands more that really conveys the feel. If not maybe make the texture a bit less symmetrical and add some dirt.

Would it possible to get a copy when you are done?

I am looking to get a FOnline project going and two of the primary things I want to do is expand the Fallout 1/2 content with stuff from the other games and use 3d models to allow better character customization... so I am very interested in that model.

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There is a helmet already, but i have encountered animation sequence timing and some shader problems by that time, because i want to use a latest engine build. Yet time passes, and inspiration not came back yet. Textures also aren't good enough, i need to improve my drawing skills. Also i must do a female version.

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anyone still has the files? links are dead or lead nowhere