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The latest 3d model updates can be found here:

Everyone can download the models, but not everyone is able to commit new changes. New / edited 3d models should be posted in the 3D Development board and might then later taken over into the 3d repo. Also keeping an eye on the development tracker is useful as well:

- Character models / Clothes
- Weapons
- Items / Consumables

Copy&paste the files from the repository into your FOnline SDK client folder to see the new 3d models. The FOnline SDK can be downloaded here.

Wow. I'll check it :D

Where copy these files? What is the exact path?

You have to keep the folder structure:


So copy the art and textures folder into your client /data/ folder.

Animations don't work.

Anyway it looks perfect :D

I though i could fix it but I did not find any problem. That's weird. Did you try a female character? she can only run but at least it's one animation.


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