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Here is the animation list:

It is up to date at revision 79 of 3D repository.

I found that dodge animations need to be done too  :( But it is almost complete.

 New Video , Minigun:

I had to change the holster animation, what do you think?
I used Harald's model, with new texturing.

It looks great (holstering, bullets falling on the ground, weapon in the back of the character..!). However, I think the firing animation needs to last a bit longer and also to be a bit more "moving", if you know what I mean. It's hard, from a safe distance, to see the difference with the normal idle minigun animation (I think :P).
Great work as always.

Maybe you could add muzzle flash when firing. Just some yellow-orange "triangles"...

Heh, the model just looks frickin epic in-game. Great work on the texture and the animation, but I think it just needs more sway - a real minigun has more recoil. You can also take a look at Fallout 3 minigun, each shot actually makes the character "jump" a bit.

Ok, I see what you mean, I will repeat some frames an the end. The arms move up and down very fast while firing, along with the back and the legs a bit. I could make that motion to be more evident without zoom, but I would not want to exaggerate it.
 The guy in the original sprites holstered the weapon to the left, and then it suddenly disappeared , like if he put it into some kind of magical pocket. So I had to change it, but I could not make it holster to the left,  so I made it to the right and from there to the back. Maybe it should have some kind of harness when the minigun is equiped or in the back.

I sure could add some muzzle flash, but It would not look very good if it is just geometry, also it would not be lit in the dark. If I had alpha and luminance map support in the engine it would be great, but I would need to compile a shader and I don't know how to do that  :-\ .


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