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Feel free to ask your questions about the 3D development here: How to make 3D items, how to add certan things, how to make animations, etc.
Other 3D developers will answer you.Check the 3D trackers and FAQ before asking your question.
Question: When we'll have the 3D Era up and running?
Answer: [] Soon[/url]

Question: Will there be such features like muzzle flash, rockets, laser beam introduced?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Will NPC's be changed to 3D as well as the players?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Will sitting, laying, crawling and other animations of that kind will be added?
Answer: This will entirely depend on the will of the one who's using our work to set up a 3d.

Question: Does 3D allows players to have dynamics bases? Such as adding new scenery to it (book shelves, cases etc)
Answer: No it doesn't. The engine itself currently doesn't allow such feature as dynamic maps. So 3D have nothing to do with it.

Question: Is the inventory icon will be 3D?
Answer: No, 3D is needed to make items visible in player hands and on the ground. Inventory icons will stay the same as usually.

Question: Can a full screen, post-processing filter be used (bloom, ink, blur)?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Is texture compression used? What kind?
Answer: Most likely TGA file format would be used, because it have a lot of pros and almost none cons.

Question: Is it possible get 3D Karpov models with all clothes into SDK?
Answer: Yes, you can download it here.

Question: What is SDK?
Answer: Software Development Kit. It is a tool, which basically gives you everything needed to make your own server and game

Question: Will there be some kind of effect, which could pixelate the 3D models in-game, to make them look more like 2D sprite?
Answer: Probably. DirectX or shaders could be used for it, but it isn't implemented yet.

Question: Does the engine support 3D environments? To make the game completely like Van Burren
Answer: Yes, the engine does support this.

Question: Is all the game gonna go 3d or just part of it? Is 360 degree camera rotation will be added?
Answer: No it isn't. Only critters, nothing more.

Question: Why 3D is needed? A good-ol 2D looks somehow better and I'm used to it.
Answer: Because 3D is much easier to customize. Adding helmets, new clothes, having more variations in color (such as being able to play as a black skinned character) playing as a ghoul, super mutant, etc.

Question: Can I help with the 3D development?
Answer: Every help is appreciated, no matter your skills. If you want to help, please post a message about it or send a PM to anyone of the 3D developers.


--- Quote from: LagMaster on February 16, 2011, 07:43:12 pm ---is the hair stile made from a separate mesh, or you must make it with the head too?

--- End quote ---
Separate mesh. But as for now - someone said that we might use Van Buren hairstyles after making them compatible(positioning and stuff)
Not my kind of stuff so lets just wait with doing anything new in this matter.

@down: Good idea. So much people asking about things lately.

thank you...hmm, i think i will make this topic a 3D version of questions and answers

Anyone know or find a file that can import and / or export format .G3D on Blender?

Sorry if I speak bad English, I'm French.


--- Quote from: Haraldx on February 18, 2011, 03:11:01 pm ---Engine, we need to do stuff with the engine not the models.

--- End quote ---

So, inside the engine, seeing as that's where you're saying the muzzle flash would be, does that mean that's where the  alterations to things like missile flight and the laser beams would be?


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