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Luther Blissett:
Excellent. Do you want me to get on with sorting out that stuff with the hair/subsets etc? (or is there anything else I've got half-done somewhere which needs finishing first?).

Well...that's a non important task, but I can't think of anything else, at least for now. Go ahead if you want to do it. The idea is to separate the hair into 2 subsets; the top of the head, and the rest. Then you can disable the subset from the fo3d file. I think it works; I should check...
 There is also a way to disable meshes/objects inside the x. file. If you have 2 objects inside a file, you use Mesh 0, or Mesh 1, instead of Root, and then disable the subsets. I don't think this will help you but I find it very interesting.
 I was thinking of adding the power armor as an object with it's own skeleton. Which makes perfect sense since the Power Armor is actually an exoskeleton. But I had this problem with the head, where the height of the armor didn't match the height of the man, so the head was not totally visible. I guess I can add a fake head, now that I know how to select the different Meshes inside the fo3d file. The hardest part is that I need to convert all of the animations to the PowerArmor skeleton. Good thing is I don't need female versions for those.

 However, I'll stick to the power armors we have now for a while, there is nothing wrong with them, other than they don't look at all like the sprites, of course.

Luther Blissett:
If the power armour links to a separate fo3d file, would it be possible to separate the head with subsets (i.e. disable rest of body), then to reposition it with the scale/x/y/rotation coordinates like you have done with the weapons and other hand items? Not tested this of course, but in my head it sort of sounds like it would work.


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