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Jimmy BoyX:
Combat Leather Jacket is here (topic forum).


--- Quote from: Karpov on February 16, 2011, 03:14:24 pm ---Advanced Power ArmorMaleModellingGray
--- End quote ---
Texturing :P


--- Quote from: Lexx on February 16, 2011, 03:24:06 pm ---I don't think female power armor has to be reshaped. It's a big, massive armor after all. Wouldn't make much sense if you could see boobs through it, etc. Same with robe, which was used in the original game as androgyn model as well (though, this one might be debatable).

--- End quote ---

+1 With PA/APA since it's a personal tank, but i think that female robe model should be made since you would expect to see the difference between a guy in robe and a chick in robe. Hmm?

I think those are not bullets but stitches - on the other hand i dont think you would see much of a difference  from iso view.

I think the model looks really good, but in my opinion the boots are to.. hmm massive?

Even if those are stitches, those bullets look great.  That whole combat jacket looks great.
I feel like the jacket is supposed to have a camouflaged look, hence the brown and green on it.
However, your jacket looks better than a camo one might.  Just enough different from the normal leather jacket to tell it apart.


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