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yet another language question


I am playing with fonline 2238 SDK, found the language can be easily swithed between english and russion, however, I expect we can add other language to it in the same way. So, I tried to add other language to dialog files, but the client display goes wrong. I thought it might be encoding problem, so checked the server SDK encoding, and change the anglescript header file encoding to be "0" rather than "13". According to the anglescript document, "0" indicates UTF8. But it still not work. Can someone guide me where should I start, if I am plan to translate the game into other language with the help of SDK.

raynor009: be more easy just replace the russian text with your own text.

Its due to fact that fonts are stored as images rather than font file format.

skejwen, yes, you are right. I just figured it out yesterday on the IRC,
I believe possible solution would be:

1. Change engine to support UTF8
2. Create UTF8 compatible font files with BMFont
3. Change game script to load customized font

Sign, a lot of work to do.


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