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Offtopic / Re: Old Fanart
« Last post by MACabra on July 22, 2017, 02:32:34 am »
Howdy Lag Master

You can find everything here
(there is Marston b/w and the colorised version made by Andr3aZ)

and more of my stuff you can also find there
Offtopic / Re: Old Fanart
« Last post by Ghosthack on July 18, 2017, 10:36:43 pm »
This contains some fanart by this author (and others). I guess it's not in there though?
Offtopic / Re: Old Fanart
« Last post by loord on July 17, 2017, 10:03:33 am »
Offtopic / Old Fanart
« Last post by LagMaster on July 16, 2017, 12:37:01 am »
Hei guys! Anyone has the pick that was here?,15825.0.html
Tnx in advance!
General Discussion / Re: Boost fonline performance (reloaded/2238/other)
« Last post by fonliner on July 15, 2017, 10:48:31 pm »
How many sprites and textures can I set? Are there any limits?
General Discussion / Re: Boost fonline performance (reloaded/2238/other)
« Last post by Koniko on July 15, 2017, 01:10:39 pm »
Well, caching more of the sprites and textures does actually help in performance but not in amount of FPS but smoothness and load time on machines with slow HDD. What I've always been doing is play the game with compability set to 98/ME or XP SP3 to ensure stability with custom graphical modifications and cap the FPS on 80 for smoothness (in D3D you've got VSync working but in OGL old revision based FOnlines that option was broken). What you may also try is to disable 3D Multisampling and all FPS setting related to 3D on 0.

In extreme situation you might set FPS cap on minus.. yes like -6 will give you stable ~20 to 30 frames but it's useful only on VERY low end machines with only one ancient core and GPU worser than GT240.
FOnline Projects / Re: FOnline Forever [Your opinion matters!]
« Last post by Slowhand on July 04, 2017, 07:26:23 pm »
Hey, gratz on the server. Started 2014 July, finished 2017 July, 3 years of not giving up, that's a feat!

I checked it out. It seems to be more for PVP, but it's a start, maybe they add some more quests with time.
FOnline Projects / Re: FOnline Forever [Your opinion matters!]
« Last post by fonliner on July 03, 2017, 10:16:54 am »
Good to hear that server is updating. Good luck guys with further updates! :)
FOnline Projects / Re: FOnline Forever [Your opinion matters!]
« Last post by Ravenis on July 01, 2017, 11:35:03 pm »
Wipe full changelog first of july 2017 (Start of actual season 1)
FOnline Forever will be a true wasteland, high tier items will be hard to get, and new player driven economy with market and crafting system make sure players can earn actual caps with crafting.
If you like a challenge and not getting bored after a week by having best gear the game can offer, then this is place for you.
Character Mechanics changes
Implant system
Implants and slot system is a new feature, it allows you to boost your stats or give some special abilities.
Only one modification can be implanted at once. A character is able to have only one implant per slot installed, there is 4 slots.
Slots: 1. Defensive, 2 Medical, 3 Support and 4 Attribute.
Level cap is 40, SP and HP gains reduced by 50% after level 30.

Reduced starting HP to 60 before SPECIAL

Crafting Overhaul
Crafting overhaul will add several new workstations like ammunition presser for ammo making etc, resource collecting will be much more important than ever before.

Lots of new resources and much more complex crafting recipes.

No safe mines anymore, resources can be found in mountain encounter maps and caves.

Electronic ammo manufacturer. Needed for non gunpowder based ammunition.

Ammo presser. Needed for tier 1 and 2 gunpowder based ammunition.

Advanced ammo presser. Needed for tier 3 and 4 gunpowder based ammunition.

Forge. Needed for smelting ores, steel etc.

Small Arms Assembler, needed for some advanced SG

Heavy Weapons Assembler, needed for some advanced BG

Energy Weapons Assembler, needed for some advanced EW

Armor Assembler, needed for some advanced armor

Generic Assembler

Chemistry Station

Robotics Assembler, create robotics items and followers
New Items
Added Broken Bottle, Iron Pipe, Micro Sledge, Sapper, Razorclaw, and Machete added. Micro Sledge, Sapper, Razorclaw, Machete
Added Boomerang, Chakram, Dart, Shuriken, Deco-Filament, and Lacerator.
Smoke Grenade added
Tear Gas added
New ammo types: .44 AP, .50 Cal DU, 50 Cal Beowulf, 9mm AP, 9mm JHP, 7.62mm AP
Skill Changes
Gambling skill is replaced with Speculation skill, it will cover all luck based stuff currently in a game.
New Features

Market system
The market can be used by players to buy and sell items.
Players can place items on sale for other players to buy. When the transaction is fulfilled the buyer receives the goods immediately, and the seller receives the payment next time they visit the market.
Players can also place buy orders for certain items. In these cases the buyer decides the price and amount.

New perks
Comprehension, Flower Child, Voracious Reader, Up and Close, Self-Experimentation, Marksman, Old World Gourmet, Way Of The Fruit, And Stay Back, Shotgun Surgeon, cyborg.

More Ranged Damage is replaced with Center of Mass

Brutal Weapon Perk added. Brutal weapons have their critical damage multiplier increased by 1 on all criticals.

Suppressive Weapon Perk causes a short inability to run on targets hit by a burst who fail a Luck roll.

Suppressive Weapon Perk added to: AK47, PKM, M2, G36, Uzi, M16

Barret changed to Scoped, many weapons gained perks

Miner for Life: You have spent your life in mines. You are strong, but you seem to be always little behind the others. You get a 15% bonus to Close Combat and Speculation, +10 to melee damage and increased carry weight, but have a -2 penalty to Agility and attacks cost 1 more AP.

Perk Changes

Strong Back, Snakeater, Rad Resistance, Pickpocket, Pack Rat, Light Step, Magnetic Personality, Master Thief, Educated, and Demolition Expert have been changed to level perks.

Removed Even Tougher; added Cyborg.

Removed Dodger+, Healer+, Heave Ho!!, HtH Evade+, and Even More Criticals.

Trait Changes

Chem Reliant works as in Fallout 2

Bloody mess replaced by Miner for Life trait

Good Nature changed ( You get 15% bonus to First Aid, Doctor, Barter, Speech and Repair skills, but get 15% penalty to all fighting skills.

Game Mechanics

Instead of maxing out at a certain point and applying the damage instantly the max poison level is higher than usual.  the more poison you have the faster the time between damage (this caps after a few hundred poison) and the more damage you take each time. you also loose poison faster since damage is based on poison lost. Basically the more poison you have the faster it processes
Bursting Weapons
At 1-hex all of the burst has a chance to hit the prime target; at one third of maximum range and beyond only one third of the burst does. The remaining rounds go left or right and the transition is smooth across distance, for example around two thirds of the burst has a chance to hit the prime target at one sixth of maximum range. This spread does not apply to 12 gauge and .223 ammo type weapons.
For each line failed hits are checked against the next nearest critter in the line until a target is hit or there are no targets in the line to check.
Burst damage is reduced to 90% of normal, after DT/DR calculations.
The maximum success chance is 90%, not 95% (to simulate the “streamlined roll” in PnP and balance things)
Bursts get a penalty of -2% to hit per hex from the target.
Miniguns are no longer “Accurate” and get “Rapid Fire”, a new weapon perk that halves the burst accuracy penalty.
Burst criticals no longer work different from other critical calculations, which gave bursts higher than average crits and accuracy. A master crit roll determines whether 50% of the bullets crit and what, if any, special effects from the table are applied. The remaining 50% of bullets check for critical damage only, individually and independent of the master roll.
One Hexing is still the most effective damage wise, but somewhat reduced from before. Short range attacks can be almost as devastating. Medium range attacks with good skill can land many more bullets on one target under this system, making them a decent choice. Long range attacks are most affected by the burst penalty and will scatter rounds on other targets. Miniguns in particularly keep to nearly 1-hex effectiveness for a good distance thanks to their new perk but no longer have an accuracy bonus at close range
Overdose system
Addictive chems add 50 + 3 x addiction chance overdose points when used. 10 overdose points are healed every time HP regen occurs. At 500 overdose and higher there is a chance of becoming Overdosed when using chems. Overdosed characters take damage over time; Overdosed can be healed with Doctor but this does not reduce overdose points. At 1000 overdose and higher there is a chance of becoming knocked out when using chems. At 1500 overdose and higher there is a chance of dying when using chems. Chem Resistant halves overdose points from addictive chems.

Fixed some bugs on encounter maps (inert trees, missing cliff wall)
Fixed bugged gas station map
Fixed issues with projectile explosions, animations and ammo consumption. Also throwable explosion problems are now fixed.
Afterburner addiction text fixed
Faction making fixed
Fixed Grab All at Hex for picking up Flint and the graphic.
Fix encounter spawn bugs (item always doubling at same loc) and improved code
Fixed trap spread on encounter spawn and added variety
Fixed PID issue with new weapons
Fixed Desert Combat Armor bug
Fixed Desert Hunter Encounter bug
Dungeon locker and vendor re-spawns fixed
Fixed rare spawn rate on ruin lockers
Force Field disrupting fixed
Fixed bug with many non-attack damage sources
Marksman Fixed
Quick Pockets no longer makes Rapid Reload useless.
Followers now properly fight other players
DU Ammo DR reduction reduced to 50% and weight increased
Afterburner addiction text fixed
Faction making fixed.
Other things
Removed armor piercing from basic (red) 12 gauge ammo.
Fast Reload works as intended.
Quick Pockets reduces AP cost for non-reload inventory use actions.
All thrown spears do the same damage as when used in melee.
There is now chance to get Wooden Crate spawn in encounters, what can contain wide range of items and gear.
Str Melee damage bonus doubled
Melee weapons that can't be thrown are all deterioratable and can have properties.
NCR reworked  and new quest added in NCR
Bounty Manager added in NCR.
Bursts using 12 gauge and .223 ammo have their lack of spread restored (shotguns, LSW, Bozar)
Bursts now have trouble shooting over targets
Loot increased in many areas and new items added to loot lists
Chem effects rebalanced, comedown and addiction are now in effect.
Healing powders apply -1 PE but the effect is not cumulative.
Caravan members are acting now like NCR/Ranger patrols etc.
first version of poor quality weapon damage decrease system added.
Some new graphics added.
AP reduction property for weapons enabled; bigger max range boost available
Increased sight range
new damage stats: Concussed, Winded
Reduced overall book cap to 40 books

And of course this is not the end of development for the server. More update are to expected in the future.

- Fonline Forever development team
Offtopic / Re: Merry Christmas
« Last post by Lexx on June 26, 2017, 08:38:50 am »
For a moment I thought it is christmas again.
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